5 Top female bloggers you should consider learning from

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They are so many amazing bloggers out there for you to learn from. These 5 female bloggers are bloggers that we admire right now and we want you to connect with. I am constantly referencing, them, reading up on their blogs, social media postings and reading every email they send out on a weekly basis. My blog’s success is partly due to them. So who are these top female bloggers that we completely admire? 

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5 Top female bloggers you should consider learning from

5 Top female bloggers you should consider learning from


Michelle Schroeder Gardner who was recently featured on Forbes Magazine our top admire! She is an amazing inspiration to our blog, and we are working hard to get our affiliate sales up like she does. She is currently making over $100,000 per month just on affiliate sales. If you need to learn and want to know more about affiliate marketing, rules involved with affiliate marketing, how to increase your affiliate sales, then Michelle is the go-to person. She created an amazing Affiliate Marketing course that we were lucky enough to be part of, and we appreciate it. We are currently increasing affiliate sales monthly due to this course. 

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

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Want to know how to market your online business? Then you need to be following Katherine Sullivan and her amazing blog to get with the program. Marketing Solved is the online publication for insight, advice, training, news, and perspective for Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business, and Leadership. They have tons of amazing information that will help your blog go from nothing to everything in a matter of months!  And she has an amazing Facebook group that you can be a part of right here!  We just had to include her as part of our 5 top female bloggers to learn from. 

We were lucky enough to be featured on her blog. You can read our article here: How To Grow Your Blog And Business In The Coming Year


Summer Tannhauser is the queen of Pinterest after so many others I have come across. She gives amazing information, her webinars are to die for and her blog is filled with great actionable tips you can implement to grow your biz! Want to know more about how she can help you with Pinterest? Her website is full of amazing info! Head over to The Boss League and get your Pinterest game on! She is one of the top female bloggers that we totally admire. 

Pinterest Power



Want to rock your Instagram? Then Alex Tooby should be one of the next top female bloggers that you should consider following! She has an amazing FREE 7 Day Instagram course you should join to boost your online business! Want to know how you can use Instagram to make money online? This awesome blog shows you exactly which Instagram Influencers are making it big on Instagram: 10 Small Businesses Under 10k That are Killing it On Instagram! 

Alex tooby Instagram influencer and blogger


If you have not read any of our blogs, then we are here to tell you that we are big on email lists? An email list is where the money is and Meer Kothand is the person to learn from! She is our next go-to person in terms of the top female bloggers you should be following! She is our email list builder specialists and you should consider checking out her amazing blog! 

meer kothand, email specialists


Are you currently following any awesome female bloggers? Tell us in the comments below! You can also join the conversation on Twitter and tell us who you follow! #BabesMakingCash so we can find you! Join our FACEBOOK group as well! 



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***We would like to note that this post and most posts on our blog may contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something that has an affiliate link, we will get a commission from it. Not all items recommended on our site are affiliate links. We only recommend items that we have used and tried. These items have brought us much success and we highly recommend them to you in order to be successful. Thank you for your trust!

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  1. Katherine says: February 21, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    What an honor to be included in such an amazing article and featured among so many brilliant bloggers. Thank you so much for including us. We just love having you in our community. <3

    1. admin says: February 28, 2017 at 3:28 pm

      You are extremely welcome! Your blog is amazing and I learn from you everyday!

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