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Female Entrepreneur Blogs to Follow

If you are looking to get inspired with your own blog, we suggest you check out this epic list of female entrepreneur blogs.

We started this blog a couple of years ago to help other female entrepreneurs like ourselves make make money online.

Our top blogging goal was to make $5000 per month using the blog.

With the right strategies, a good guide and hard work, you too can be making a full-time income with your blog

You can learn a lot by following female entrepreneur blogs that make money online. 

And by following the most influential female bloggers in the industry, we have reached that goal and going every month. 

Don’t think it’s possible to make money online?

See how the amazing female entrepreneurs are making money online and are rocking it.

Take a hard  look at their blog income reports for any social proof that you might need! 

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I believe that we are extremely lucky to be earning a good amount of income from our blog each month doing what we love and you can do the same.

If you are new to blogging or you are looking for ways to make money online with your blog, these two blogs will be a good start:

A girl’s guide to turning a blog into a money making machine and how I plan to make $5000.00 per month blogging.

These female bloggers are all earning at least over $5000.00 a month and they record their blogging journey through the use of monthly blog income reports. We admire and follow them and we hope you can all reach to that point one day. Today we feature women that have blogged for at least less than 5 years, as well as those that are more newer to the blogging scene and are still making an amazing impact. 

Here is a list of the best blogs for entrepreneurs

blogger income report

1// Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin from, is a female entrepreneur with so much to offer and share!

She is definitely my all time favorite online blogger and I was first inspired to get into blogging because of her.

She teaches other female entrepreneurs how to blog, how to make money online and the best tools to use to help you grow your online business.

Her famous course Pinfinite growth is her bread and butter.

This girl truly knows what she is talking about when it comes to online businesses. Want to learn more about how she makes money online?

Take a look at her blog income reports here!

You can also find amazing blogging tips here!

Melyssa Griffin

2// Michelle Schroeder- Gardner

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents is famous for her amazing course “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing”.

This course teaches you the exact strategies she used to earn over $50,000 each month using affiliate marketing.

Her blog income reports take you way back to when she was still making as low as $600 and now she is well into the $100,000 per month mark.

This tells you how possible it is to make money online.

Especially with passive income, grab her affiliate course here.

Making sense of affiliate-marektring

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Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog is an amazing mom entrepreneur that is killing it online with her blog. She teaches other moms how to start a profitable online blog in order to be able to stay home with your little ones. Blogging is such an amazing way to earn some money online while staying home with your kids. Her blog is extremely beautiful and is full of amazing information to get you rolling and starting out with your own blog. Want to see how this mom recently made just over $6000 with her blog? Check out her blog income reports here! 

start a mom blog

Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog is an amazing blogger. She has created an eBook and an eCourse that helps other bloggers learn the steps needed to be successful when running an online business. The eBook guides you through the best widgets to use, how to utilize Pinterest, create a newsletter and all kinds of strategies and tips you need to maintain an online business. This eBook is absolutely recommended if you plan on building a successful blog. Check out her blog income reports right here and see how far she has come! 

just a girl and her blog

Emma Drew of is next female entrepreneur on our list of the top “10 Female Entrepreneurs Making Money Online and their Blog income reports” that we absolutely admire. Emma outlines the best tried and tested ways to make money and save money using your blog. She is frequently updating her site with helpful tips and advice to get you ahead on your own blogging journey. If you want to see how she is able to make over $5,000 per month blogging, then check it out here: full blog income reports right here

Lena Gott from “What Mommy Does” is another Mom blogger that we are choosing to feature today. She blogs about family finance, kids activities, fun with kids, holidays and fitness. The blog also focuses on family finances as Lena is a  licensed CPA. The release of her e-Book “17 STRATEGIES I USED TO GO FROM 17K TO 350K+ PAGE VIEWS IN 9 MONTHS“, is one of the products she offers on her blog for bloggers. See what else “What Mommy Does” to constantly earn over $5000 per month using her blog. The blog income reports can be viewed here!  

what mommy does

Note: Our list so far should tell you that it is possible to make money blogging and you can start earning your income today! Start your blog now and become successful. 

Hillary from Pulling Curls is simply adorable. She blogs about a little bit of everything from finances to yummy recipes.  Her income reports reveal exactly how she earns an income through blogging. Find out more about her monthly blog income reports and how she generates about $5000 per month with her blog. And guess why her blog name is “Pulling Curls?”- It’s because she has curly hair and an amazing smile! 

Pulling curls hair

Kayla Sloan from Shoeaholic no more has an amazing website and a great last name. I love Sloan as a name. Reminds me of Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy (yes I still watch it and I love it.) Back to Kayla: She started her blog after graduating and having over $8000 in debt. She now offers VA services and can blog for you if you need more content (I should look into this more). If you want to follow along with her blog income reports seeing how she makes over $5000.00  per month, then check it out right here! 

Shoe a Holic No more


Kristin is the creator and owner of Believe in a Budget. Her course, Pinterest Presence, helps bloggers and businesses increase their blog traffic through the use of Pinterest marketing techniques. She is also the author of Side Hustle to Success, a course that teaches others how to side hustle and make money. Her impressive blog income reports will want to make you start your own online business today! 

Blog income reports

Alexa from Single Moms Income started her blog when she found herself as a single mom one day.  She started her blog in 2012 as a way of chronicling her journey as a single mother trying to beat the vicious cycle of dead-end jobs and paycheck to paycheck living. Reading her blog has been extremely inspiring and we just had to add her on our list of  ” 10 Female Entrepreneurs Making Money Online”. Check out her monthly income report here! 


Thank you for reading our blog featuring 10 Female Entrepreneurs Making Money Online! This blog was intended to show you all that if you work hard, you can definitely start making passive income online which is the best kind of income. Please share with us below what you are currently doing to make money online. We might feature you next. If you would like to start making money online, here are is a great blog to get you started:

A guide guide to making money online


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10 Female Entrepreneur Blogs Making Money Online + Income Reports

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