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Why You Need a Social Media Marketing and Content Calendar

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People are starved for quality content on the internet. With so many platforms and users online, content is being mass produced and as such, its quality degrades quite rapidly. In order to mitigate this problem, businesses need to stop their guerrilla posting and try a more scheduled approach. This is where a social media Marketing […]

But Enough About Me: Reducing the Personal in Your Blog

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If you’ve got a blog of your own, you may find that you either intentionally or unintentionally infuse too much of your personal life into it. Chances are that those who are regularly visiting are much more interested in the things you do and the things that actually mold you. They’re less interested in personal […]

20 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners to Inspire Creativity

20 Blog Post Ideas to Inspire Creativity and Enthuse Your Writing. Blog post ideas for beginners. Blog post ideas list. Blog post topics. Blog topics list. Post ideas for your blog. Ho to start a successful blog. Blog post ideas list lifestyle. Post ideas for blogs. What to write about. What to blog about. Blog topic inspiration.Read more

Unique Blog Ideas If you are feeling stuck and are looking for blog post ideas to keep your blog updated, this post is for you!  We are happy to have guest blogger Jenn Pereira, Co-Founder of EasyBlog Themes, and she will be sharing with us amazing blog post ideas to help kick your writer’s block to […]