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Least stressful careers that pay well

If you are looking for low-stress careers that pay well, look no further than this list. 

I am going to share a few low-stress jobs for people with anxiety or those that just don’t do well with stress. 

We all dream of careers that pay exceptionally well but have little to no stress – or at least less stress than what we’re currently facing.

Stressing is not exactly a good thing to face and if you have to go to a job that is constantly stressful, then it might be time for a career change. 

Not everyone enjoys stress! 

Believe it or not, I used to be a wedding planner, which in my opinion is extremely stressful!

Basically, you are planning weddings for brides that want it to go completely smooth with little no issues. 

After doing that for several years, I had a baby and was diagnosed with chronic high blood pressure. 

Now I choose to live a stress-free life (thank goodness for this self-care kit)!

Lucky for you, I will be sharing a great list of low-stress careers that pay well that you too could consider doing if stress-free jobs are what you are looking for. 

And believe it or not, there are really plenty of well-paid, low-stress careers available for you to choose from. 

What Makes a Low-Stress Job Pay Well?

Most well-paid careers require a certain level of experience or a certain level of education in order to fully qualify.

Low-stress ones are no exception.

In order to be able to land one of these jobs, you need to possess either a specific talent, a unique set of skills, a degree in a certain field, or years of experience.

But this doesn’t make any of them unattainable.

It just means that you will have to invest time, effort, and training in order to land these low-stress career jobs that will eventually pay off for you.

If you want a career that is fulfilling and you want to become a successful woman, you need to do what it takes. 

Once you create a solid plan, you get the necessary training required, then you can enjoy all the benefits of a job with minimal stress: an amazing work-life balance, the opportunity to devote plenty of time to your hobbies and social life, and simply enjoying the good life.

Of course, these careers are not guaranteed to be completely stress-free.

If you learn to recognize the signs of high-stress situations or positions, you will be able to determine whether a certain career path is right for you or whether you might be more prone to its stresses than others.

As someone that doesn’t do well with stress, take the time to find jobs that will cater to your needs.

We have a full list of low-stress jobs for women below that might just work for you. 

Not only are we going to share fun jobs for women, but we will be looking at:

  • A list of slow-paced low stressful jobs

  • A list of creative low-stress jobs for people with anxiety

  • High-paying careers for introverts

Finding a job that fits your personality type will absolutely make you a better person.

You will enjoy the job better, you will sleep better and in general, you will be much happier.

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So what are the least stressful careers?

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Career advice for women to use

Check out this list of easy low-stress jobs!

For those looking for high-paying careers for introverts, be sure to keep reading below.

My goal is to share with you the best tips out on there on the internet so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you.

That being said, here are fifteen low-stress careers you might want to look out for:

15 epic Low Stress Careers and Jobs for People With Anxiety that pay well. If you are looking for a good job that will allow you to make more money, then click here. We have listed 15 Low-Stress Jobs That You Should Definitely Know About!

1. Freelance Photographer

If you are looking for easy low stressful jobs that pay well, then consider photography. 

At first glance, photography may appear to be a very simple job.

But it certainly isn’t.

You not only need to have an eye for what would make a great shot, but you also need to gain a lot of technical knowledge about different equipment and photo editing.

Plus, you really do need to be creative and understand how to take a photo that will suit a specific purpose.

There are plenty of subspecialties in photography, too.

Anything from fashion to nature and wedding photography is available to you if you have the talent and are ready to hone your skills.

Job opportunities abound as well.

After all, everyone from startups to influencers and your more traditional superstar brands needs quality images for their branding and marketing campaigns.

Add to that the fact that the average salary of a freelance photographer is around $40.000, and you might want to consider sharpening that eye of yours.

2. Low-stress Freelance Writing

When I first started looking into online jobs, I had no idea that they were so many ways to make money. 

In fact, I  had no idea what freelance writing was (or that you could make money from it month after month) until I came across Elain.

I was even more shocked to see how much she was making as a freelance writer.

A freelance writer is someone who writes for a number of different clients, such as websites, blogs, magazines, and more.

Writing for a living has a lot of amazing advantages – you get to choose when and where you work, and for who.

Freelance writing is one of the best low-stress career jobs worth exploring and one that you can earn quickly and make more money with effortlessly. 

The more experience you get, the more you can charge for your services and the more money you can make. 

You can use Write Your Way to Your First $1k to help you get started in the freelance writing field!

You will also learn how to properly price your services so you can charge rates such as $1000 per article with your experience

This work-from-home opportunity is legit, lucrative, and lets you work from anywhere in the world.

This means, if you are looking for low-stress careers, try this one out today. 

How To Become a Freelance Writer & Work from home with Ladies Make Money Online. reelance writing for beginners: How To Become A Freelance Writer Even You Have No Experience / Freelance writer / work from home/ get paid online

3. Virtual Bookkeeper

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Unlike an accountant, as a bookkeeper, your job doesn’t require you to have a certain degree or certification.

That means that even if you have a different background, you can become a virtual bookkeeper if you are reliable, detail-oriented and trustworthy.

I would definitely suggest some training. 

Most jobs can now be done working from the comfort of your own home. 

As a bookkeeper, you do get the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home which makes this another amazing low-stress career worth looking into. 

Ben helps people start and grow their own bookkeeping business with his online bookkeeping course.

Your tasks would be, for example, creating, checking and updating financial records, or handling incoming receipts and reimbursing employees for expenses.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to be an accountant or have any previous experience as a bookkeeper!

I suggest you start by signing up for this amazing free workshop which will show you exactly how to start your own digital bookkeeping business.

When you sign up, you will get instant access to the 3 free classes that show you how to succeed as a bookkeeping business owner.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What a bookkeeper is.
  • The typical clients a bookkeeper has.
  • How much new bookkeepers can expect to earn
  • How to become a bookkeeper.
  • The positives and negatives of bookkeeping, and more.

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4. Curator

If you have a degree in art, history, art history, or museum studies, you might want to explore the career path of a curator.

True, there is a lot of work, responsibility, and research involved. But if you’re fascinated by the subject, it should prove to be rather stress-free.

The most obvious benefit of being a curator is the quiet and relaxed atmosphere it involves. Museum and gallery life is often more subdued, so you will rarely have to rush around.

However, keep in mind that curators are in charge of exhibits and shows and that this is essentially a public-facing role.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge, research skills, and public speaking abilities, you might not find it all that stress-free.

5. Massage Therapist

Working in massage therapy is essentially working in the continuous Zen environment of a spa.

This is one of the best low-stress jobs for people with anxiety! 

If this is you, then this is for you.

The music is soothing, the aromatherapy is relaxing, and all you have to do is help someone feel better.

That is actually an incredibly tough task, and it will require more than just strong but gentle hands.

As a massage therapist, you also need to understand the intricacies of the human body, know what kind of treatment should be used for what kinds of aches and pains, and know how to do CPR.

You will need a certificate for the job, but there are plenty of programs available for you to enroll in.

Remember – although it pays well, it entails standing all day and doing essentially physical labour.

But the atmosphere is like no other and it is why it is considered one of the best low-stress careers out there.

6. Technical Writer

We already talked about getting a freelance job as a writer.

If you’re looking for more of a desk job, you might want to explore the career of a technical writer.

Unlike other jobs in the writing field, technical writing does not require creativity.

You need to be able to explain complex information in an easy-to-understand way, and you need to be a subject matter expert in the area you’re writing about.

If you don’t understand how a server works, for example, you won’t be able to write about it well.

If you have extensive knowledge in a certain technical area or a degree in science or IT, you can build yourself quite the career.

You will need to stay on top of the latest trends, and there is a lot of sitting involved, but it’s a very well-paid job.

And if you’re good at managing your time, it involves hardly any stress.

7. Start a low-stress career in blogging 

Starting a career in blogging is one of the most successful things I have ever done. 

I own multiple blogs and enjoy working on each and every one of them. 

I have always wanted to live a financially stress-free life, so I started this blog and several others to earn extra money from home.

And if you pick the right niche, blogging can totally be fun and profitable.

Here are the exact 9 reasons why I love blogging so much and why you should start blogging too. 

This is one of my top recommendations for a creative way to make money online.

Here are the benefits of blogging:

  • Its a great way to destress
  • You can influence others
  • You can make money blogging 
  • If you enjoy writing, you will love to blog
  • The connection you make with others is worth it

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Start a profitable blog

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It’s pretty fun and completely stress-free. 

Blogging as a career is a great option if you want to make money online, without stressing about committing to university degrees or waiting years to attempt it.

If you want to be your own boss, you should consider blogging today. 

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Blog income strategies for bloggers

8. Low-stress flipping jobs

So what type of things can you flip to make extra cash on the side?

And how can you start a flipping career? 

If you have a passion for visiting thrift stores, yard sales & flea markets, you can turn this into a money-making project. 

I recently made over $900 selling some of my old stuff on Facebook Marketplace.

It didn’t take me too long to list and sell these items and it was a great way to clear out the clutter in my house which always seems to be full of things.

If you’re interested in flipping stuff for money, I suggest you take it one step further and turn it into a career. 

According to Rob, an expert in flipping items for a profit, you can easily make an extra $1000, $2000, $5000, or even $10, 000  buying and selling stuff online!

Finding the best low-stress careers is not as hard as you may think.

Sometimes it just means creating an opportunity for yourself. 

If this sounds like the perfect stress-free job you might consider, you might want to sign up for this free workshop where you will learn some great strategies on how to make money by flipping items in as little as 14 days! 

You can also try out the $1 Flip Club Challenge.

Learn how to make your first $100 from reselling old items this week!

And do it in less than 15 minutes a day with the $1 Flip Club Challenge!

Learn How to Make Your First $100 from Reselling Old Items This Week! And do it in less than 15 minutes a day with our $1 Flip Club Challenge!

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9. Consider a low-stress career as a Dietitian

If you’re passionate about healthy eating and knowledgeable about food if you like to cook and you’re innovative with your meals, the career path of a dietitian might be the one for you.

You will need a fair amount of education, though, and preferably a degree in dietetics or science.

You also need to work well with people and be a bit of a psychologist.

You’ll need to be able to explain to your clients what changing their diet will do for their health, but you’ll also need to understand why they will likely struggle with making that change.

The career is very stress-free, and it can be immense fun, especially if you are truly passionate about health and fitness. You will need to keep learning and exploring, but if you’re a foodie, this can be the career of your dreams.

10. Become a tax prep person

Every year, business owners and individuals are constantly looking for people to help them with their taxes. 

Why not get trained online to become a Tax Preparer?

This is an amazing way to make money working from home and it’s a job that can be done from anywhere in the world.

A Tax Person prepares, files, and assists in general tax forms. 

I suggest checking out this free tax prep training to find out exactly what is involved. 

You want to get the best training that will not only train you but help you land paying clients. 

After looking around, I found that this TaxBiz Course is one of the best out there and it’s great for those looking for low-stress careers.

During the training, you will learn exactly:

  • How much money does a tax business make?
  • What’s the work like? (A “day in the life of…”)
  • What does it take to be successful running a TaxBiz?
  • What tools and tech are needed? (Spoiler alert: it all fits in a backpack)
  • How do I get clients, even if I’m an introvert? (Popular question answered)

You learn a step-by-step method to start and run a successful tax business. 

Anyone looking for low-stress jobs for people with anxiety should consider a business in tax filing. 

11. Start A Low-Stress Career As A Yoga Instructor 

Yoga is the latest buzz in the fitness industry.

And if you have the training, I suggest starting a low-stress business teaching people yoga. 

More and more people are quitting their 9-5 jobs and turning to yoga teacher training courses to make their mark in the industry.

You will be shocked to learn exactly how much Yoga teachers make

It usually depends on the location, the number of classes you offer, and other things that may impact your overall income!

It’s definitely one of the best low-stress careers out there. 

Most yoga instructors are making much of their money from offering additional services such as running workshops,  working with brands, or offering personal one on one training.

To learn more about how to make money as a yoga instructor, visit this post

One yoga instructor that I know who is killing it on Youtube is Yoga With Adriene!

You can visit her website right here

Yoga with Adriene - Learn how to make money as a yoga instructor. It is one of the best low-stress careers for women out there.

12. Start A Career As A Proofreader

If you are looking for low-stress careers that will allow you to make a decent income, then you should consider starting a career as a proofreader. 

Most writers are busy people who don’t have time to proofread their work before they hit publish.

Because of their high level of skills in various niches, they always hire proofreading experts to polish their work.

As a proofreader, most of your work will consist of correcting:

  • Basic spelling and grammar errors
  • Use of verb tenses
  • Improper sentence structure
  • Poor formatting
  • Inconsistencies in writing
  • The overall flow of content

If you are good at doing these things, then the work shouldn’t be stressful at all. 

You don’t need a special certificate or diploma in proofreading to apply for jobs or to start working as a proofreader. 

In order to learn more about proofreading and to get the exact skills needed for this low-stress career opportunity, sign up for this FREE proofreading webinar. 

You will learn exactly how my good friend Caitlin Pyle makes over $40, 000 a year as a proofreader!

13. Make Money Selling Art Prints

Did you know that you can create amazing art prints and sell them on Etsy for a profit?

One big thing everyone is talking about these days is how critical it is to have multiple streams of income.

Adding this income stream to your pool of other income opportunities you have will only make it better. 

Etsy is honestly one of the best places to sell print-on-demand and digital products.

It provides sellers with a significant SEO advantage since consumers know they can find unique products on Etsy that they can’t find at Target or Amazon.

The best tool and cheapest tool to create your Art Prints is on Canva

Selling digital art on Etsy is easy and can be profitable if you do it right.

If you need help with making your Etsy shop profitable, I suggest working with Amy!

14. Teach English Online

If you are looking for stress-free jobs to make extra money, I suggest looking into teaching English online full-time. 

In most cases, you don’t need to have prior experience, but you do need to have some type of higher education. 

Working as an online English teacher is a great way to earn extra money with little stress if you have experience working with kids and have at least your bachelor’s degree.

You could easily be making around $14-$22 per hour, and you don’t even need a degree in teaching or English.

Most companies will have you teaching English to students in China, Korea, or Taiwan!

Just be aware of the time difference when accepting these positions.

I know that the hours are completely flexible and you are in charge of this. 

Here are the top three companies I recommend if you’re interested:

  2. Magic Ears
  3. Teach Part-Time

15. A Career Transcribing

Transcription is when you turn audio or video content into a text document.

You listen to what’s being said and type it up into a text format which then you provide to the business you are working with.

There are many businesses looking for transcriptionists too – since general transcriptionists convert audio and video to text for virtually any industry, there really isn’t a typical client.

Some examples include marketers, authors, filmmakers, academics, speakers, and conferences of all types.

Beginning transcriptionists with a little experience under their belts can expect to earn around $15 an hour, and it increases from there as you get more experience.

I consider this one of the best low-stress jobs for women that don’t like working under pressure. 

Back in 2007, Janet started working from home as a medical transcriptionist. Shortly after that, she started a successful general and legal transcription business.

She is such an inspiration, you should consider learning from her. 

One of my favourite blog posts is one she shared about working from home as a transcriptionist – and solid tips for making it work.

You can sign for this free course to learn more about becoming a transcriber

In this free course, you will learn:

  • What it takes to become a transcriptionist
  • How much you can earn as a transcriptionist
  • How you can find transcriptionist work

You can learn more in the Free General Transcription Mini-Course. This is one of the free work-from-home courses that can introduce you to a very flexible side job.

15 epic Low Stress Careers and Jobs for People With Anxiety that pay well. If you are looking for a good job that will allow you to make more money, then click here. We have listed 15 Low-Stress Jobs That You Should Definitely Know About!

And there you have it, a list of low-stress careers worth trying out!

The list doesn’t end here, of course.

There are plenty of other careers that come with lower stress levels you could explore.

Make sure you carefully consider what your interests are and what causes you stress.

If you are not a people person and talking to strangers stresses you out, for example, you probably won’t enjoy any people-facing career, no matter how stress-free it is proclaimed to be.

Choose a career that fits your ideas about low stress.

It might even be something that others typically find challenging, but as long as you’re able to thrive, you will have made the right choice.

Why Should You Consider Low-Stress Careers

If you suffer from anxiety or you simply stress easily, it’s best to find a career or a job that works best for your needs. 

There is nothing wrong with having anxiety, but having a job that gets you even more anxious is usually not ideal. 

You will end up really hating the job and being miserable. 

I know when I am anxious, I get physically ill and sometimes get a panic attack. 

I also suffer from high blood pressure which prevents me from working really demanding jobs. 

If this is you, then absolutely consider finding low-stress careers that pay well. 

And if you want you to sign up to receive exclusive career tips designed specifically for entrepreneurs and those looking to up-level themselves career-wise! 

You can sign up right here!

Career advice for women to help growth!

Other low-stress careers to look into:

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15 Low-Stress Careers For Women Worth Looking Out for (That Pay Well)