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How Much Do Yoga Teachers Make

Want to make money as a Yoga teacher?

Yoga is the latest buzz in the fitness industry.

More and more people are quitting their 9-5 jobs and turning to yoga teacher training courses to make their mark in the industry.

Though they may be following their passion, sustaining a life becomes difficult after a period of time.

Most yoga teachers do not get to earn a decent income owing to the cut-throat competition in the market. And with whatever little they are able to earn, most of it is spent on paying bills and taking care of the necessities.

The industry is fascinating, but to make it all dreamy for yourself, you need to walk on the right path. You will be shocked to learn exactly how much Yoga teachers make

How Much Can You Make As A Yoga Instructor? 

How much you make as a yoga instructor will depend on the location, the number of classes you offer, and other things that may impact your overall impact!

An article on CNN published that yoga instructors were making about $62, 400 a year! But for the most part, most were making much less than this. 

Most of these Yoga Instructors were making much more by offering additional services such as offering workshops,  working with brands, or offering training.

By having multiple income streams for your business you are more likely to make money as a yoga teacher that way. 

I got a few questions about this and I was inspired to write it. 

Here are a few questions I got in case you are also interested: 

  • Is it worth becoming a yoga instructor?

  • How are yoga teachers paid?

  • What is the best passive income for yoga teachers?

  • Tips on how to survive as a yoga teacher

If you are passionate about yoga or any creative things you do, finding a way to monetize that passion is amazing. 

It’s the perfect way to make money and still do the things you totally love. 

So how much money does a yoga teacher make?

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Ways Yoga Teachers Can Make Money

You need to absolutely think outside the box and open up other opportunities to make money as a yoga teacher!

For example, owning a yoga studio (or renting in some cases), you can offer private group classes! 

A good example, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I attended an 8-week prenatal yoga program! I paid the full 8 weeks in advance and I appreciated every minute of it.

You can even go corporate and work with the organization to offer staff retreat activities or healthy living opportunities during lunch! 

Yoga is such a big deal now, as a yoga teacher, you can not make a living by relying on limited income streams. Here are a few awesome ways to make money as a yoga teacher this year #yoga #wellness #teachyoga #yogainstuctor

Do Yoga Teachers Make Money? 

Your income will range as a yoga teacher and instructor.

We really wanted to focus on the different things you could do to make more money for your business.

Whether you treat this as a side business or your full-time gig, they are different things you can do to increase your income and make more money as a yoga teacher. 

Here are the different ways and tips for you to make it big in the industry as a yoga teacher:

1. Not just a Teacher Be An Entrepreneur

It’s good you love your job and you are dedicated to your work at the studio, community center, or gym.

Relying on a single source alone for making it big, does less good and leaves you exhausted and drained by the end of the day.

Working as a full-time teacher at a studio or taking weekly or hourly low pay classes must serve the purpose and passion but fails on monetary grounds.

Entrepreneurship can save you from your misery!

Think outside the box, be creative in what you offer, market it, and sell it – be it a group class, private sessions, online courses, retreats, workshops, etc.

Be your own boss igniting the creativity to live the dreamy profession as a yoga teacher by providing unique services and maintaining the zest of authenticity.

Willing to leave the safe zone, taking a risk, and embracing entrepreneurship is the way to grow a meaningful and flourishing yoga business.

2. Marketing Is Your Tool

Once you start offering your services, the next step is to market and sell your classes.

So many people searching for tips on how to make money as a yoga teacher really overthink the process.

Without really marketing your work, you will not succeed. 

Get your clients to sign up for your classes, products, or training.

Use the different marketing tools available to you to promote and attract more clients for your Yoga Instructing business.

Instead of investing all savings in honing the craft, save it for enhancing the skills that mark your credibility, and help you with marketing strategies.

3. Keep Learning and Growing

To grow your business and make money as a yoga teacher, you need to work on your skills. Like everything else, new trends are always popping up.

You can either become familiar and adapt to new trends as they come along or you can come with some cool trends in your industry.

Learn and practice your skills by taking up the advanced level courses, attend retreats, and workshop or teacher training programs.

This will help you to really keep in touch with any trends and stay in the know at all times. 

As well as learning all the skills you need to become a better Yoga teacher, be sure to become a better person that way you can attract more clients. 

Becoming a better teacher will surely help you to make money as a Yoga teacher. 

4. Working on PayScale As A Yoga Teacher

A Yoga teacher profession is a delicate one, and you cannot leave a job half done to complete the next day! You want to provide the real essence of what you are offering.

Many new teachers face both financial issues and exhaustion, but with the right techniques, it is possible to overcome any issue.

This generally happens during the initial years of starting your career, and following the next steps can help: 

  • It is a misconception that a new yoga teacher can’t negotiate on their pay. You need to have trust in your skills and ask for a better pay rate.
  • Additional skills work wonders including training in dance, therapy, acupuncture, and more which can all help you make more money as a Yoga instructor. So if you have one, highlight it by putting it in your bio to let people know.
  • You can seek help from friends or those who are in the yoga profession for years to feel inspired.

5. Challenge Your Mindset and Attitude

Being both a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur is amazing and ideal, to fulfill both your passion and financial needs.

But amidst this, there is something more important – the attitude and mindset of making approaches to earn money.

Your foremost duty as a yoga teacher is to impart authentic yogic learning.

Without hampering the same, you can easily earn money with little effort.

You need to change your perspective and challenge your mindset shaping it entirely the way you want things to work.

Believe in yourself, approach the endless possibilities, and you are definitely capable of doing anything you want.

Yoga is Holistic

The above tips are the key for you to make money as a yoga teacher.

You might think that money is not everything and you believe in only practicing yoga.

But remember that you are running a business, you need to pay bills as well as to survive.

If this is where you rely on income, you need to treat it as a business. 

Now that this is out of the way, here are few quick ways to make money as a yoga teacher.

Below, we have listed over 10 amazing ways you can make extra money as a yoga instructor.

Check it out. 

  • Teach a class
  • Do a retreat 
  • Host events especially corporate events
  • Offer services to private clients
  • Offer online courses
  • Offer online retreats
  • Host live events online 
  • Create and sell online yoga classes
  • Create digital yoga products (Printables make money, create a yoga-related one) 
  • Start a profitable blog

How much do yoga teachers make? 

How much you make as a yoga teacher will entirely be dependent on you and how you wish to monetize your business model. 

Yoga is valuable, it is life-changing, and delivering it in itself is a big thing.

Instead of hustling up, make smart moves and start making money for your yoga business. 

And there you have it, a great list of how to make money as a yoga teacher!

What are your thoughts? 

Tell us in the comments below. 

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How To Make Money As A Yoga Teacher This Year