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Earn Extra Income On Your Blog

Looking to earn extra income on your blog? They are so many creative ways you can make money with your blog in 2019. We are excited to share a few of our awesome monetizing tips you can try right away. 

I know how hard it is for some bloggers to make money with a blog and waiting to see a return can be really frustrating.

I remember when I first started my blog, I was really excited and eager to start making money right away. And although my blog did make some money, I knew I needed to diversify my income.

With this in mind, I came up with a lot of creative ways to earn extra money as a blogger. You can find everything I do right here.

Relying on only one source of income is totally bad business practice and it should not be part of your overall strategy. This is where QUID comes in.

If you are a content creator, an influencer or an entrepreneur, we highly suggest looking into monetizing your online business with QUID. 

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What is QUID? 

QUID is an online platform created for bloggers, writers, Podcasters and more to help them earn extra income.  

QUID has taken the time to build something really amazing that enables content creators to accept small payments (also known as micro-payments) online!

As a new blogger, your dream maybe to get enough blog traffic to monetize your blog with ads. But QUID allows you to monetize your blog right away! NO MORE WAITING!

So how exactly can you make extra income on your blog using QUID? 

Are you looking for quick ways to make money with your blog? Try this new QUID app that us designed to monetize your online platform today #bloggingformoney #makemoneyonline

Make Extra Money Blogging with QUID

If you have ever noticed the “Buy Me Coffee” or the “Donate” button on some blogs, well this works the same way – only better! I know a lot of successful bloggers are still using this method of monetizing their blog.

This is because it really does work!

For all the work you put into writing amazing content, you can easily get paid for it from day one! QUID gives your fans an opportunity to reward you if they love your content.

You can simply ask your fans to buy you a coffee at the end of your blog post. Or they can donate, which ever you prefer. 

Why Should You Use QUID

If you are a beginner blogger with hardly any blog traffic but you are eager to monetize your blog, then you can simply use QUID to get started right away.

The payment widget is really easy to set up and this will allow you to start earning some money right away. Simply set it up on your blog, either after each post or on the side bar permanently. 

How much you make will definitely depend on the traffic you have, but it could be $25 or more which is way better than the pennies you make from an Ad network like AdSense.

If you are eager to make money from your blog from day one, then this is definitely the option for you. 

Make Money on Your Blog Using QUID – Earn More Today

They are different ways you can make money on your blog using QUID

  • You can simply ask your audience to buy you a coffee if they enjoyed your post or your services
  • You can ask your audience to leave you a tip 
  • Have the button on your page – Ideally in the side bar location or after a blog post

QUID currently accepts US and Canadian money at the moment and more currencies will be added as the platform continues to grow. 

Part I: Setting Up QUID on Your Blog

Be sure to sign up for your account on QUID before doing any setup. I personally use WordPress, and lucky for me, the platform has a plugin that can easily integrate with your WordPress account.

I like easy and I really enjoy the fact that QUID has made it completely easy to to earn extra income on your blog using their platform.

Setting up An Account with QUID

On the QUID platform, pick “apply here for a live account“! You will require a few documents in order to be approved. 

Once you have signed up for an account with them, you can now go ahead and log onto your WordPress platform. The whole approval process won’t take too long.

But definitely apply now in order to start making money with your blog.

Once you are approved, you will want to go into the plugin section and look for the QUID plugin.

Finish setting up QUID by activating the plugin in the setting section. 

Part II: Connecting your QUID Account to Your Blog

Go back to your merchant account on QUID to get your API key (done after the approval part). This key will be needed in the plugin section on WordPress to complete the set up.

Be sure to run a few tests as well as to ensure everything looks good on your website before heavily using QUID!

And to start monetizing your blog with QUID, you will see the setting box appear under your Yoast section when you go to write a post.

Choose how you wish to accept money and when you post your new blog post, it will appear under your post. 

We highly recommend adding the QUID widget to any of your blog posts or blog’s sidebar to really ensure maximum exposure and a better chance of earning more money!

Take a look at an example below of how it is set up!

Help Setting up QUID

Don’t stress to much. If you are having a hard time getting set up with the platform, the amazing team over at QUID are always there to assist you should you need them!

The customer service is quick, knowledgeable and they are waiting to help you get set up! 

How to make money with Quid. Monetize your blog today! #makingmoney #bloggingformoney

Making Money with QUID and Getting Paid

You can really make good money with your blog using QUID. Ultimately everything will depend on your marketing efforts and how you promote your blog.

The more people you have seeing your posts, the more you will make. But you definitely do not need to chase blog page views to be successful.

You will need to reach the $100 thresh hold in order to get a pay out from QUID! 

If you have a following, an email list and a tribe, they can donate to your blog on a regular basis depending on what you are offering. The key is offer value! 

Will you be using QUID to earn extra money with your blog?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of QUID.  All opinions are entirely my own.


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