5 Amazing ways you can save money at an Auction

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Auctions are the in thing right now. In fact, my first car was a Chrysler that I purchased at an auction when I was only 22 years old. I was really proud of myself for purchasing it at a totally affordable price for a 22-year-old. The car lasted me 4 years until I decided to […]

20 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners to Inspire Creativity

20 Blog Post Ideas to Inspire Creativity and Enthuse Your Writing. Blog post ideas for beginners. Blog post ideas list. Blog post topics. Blog topics list. Post ideas for your blog. Ho to start a successful blog. Blog post ideas list lifestyle. Post ideas for blogs. What to write about. What to blog about. Blog topic inspiration.Read more

Unique Blog Ideas If you are feeling stuck and are looking for blog post ideas to keep your blog updated, this post is for you!  We are happy to have guest blogger Jenn Pereira, Co-Founder of EasyBlog Themes, and she will be sharing with us amazing blog post ideas to help kick your writer’s block to […]

The Money Saving Aims Everyone Should Have

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Saving is one of those things that’s always harder than it looks. But if you want to get anywhere and actually make the right kinds of savings, you need to first set your aims. That way, you will have some specific targets that you can focus your mind on, and that has to be a […]

Rolling The Dice With Your Online Business

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Technology and the online world have brought about disruptions to a lot of different sectors, from travel to hotels to the financial industry. We’re not just talking about businesses that have expanded into the online world, but businesses that solely operate online. Airbnb, Uber, peer-to-peer lending, investment banks, financial advisors and even law firms. In […]

5 Cheap Travel destinations for female entrepreneurs

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Cheap travel destinations? We are extremely excited about this post. We happy to have the lovely Ivona Harčarová from Ivona Harcar Travels! She gave us amazing on how to save over $500 on each trip! This time we will be focusing on 5 stunning places a female entrepreneur like you can travel for cheap! Who is ready […]