Here are a few bullet journal ideas. A few bullet journal inspiration, How to start bullet journal for beginners. Perfect Bullet Journal Layouts #bulletjournal #BJ

17 Stunning Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners that will Inspire You

Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

Ever considered starting a Bullet Journal? As a blogger, I am always looking for creative ways to organize myself. I love to write notes even though you can now use your own phone for note taking. But there is something about pen and paper that resonates with me more. That inspired me to look into some bullet Journal Ideas. 

Here are a few bullet journal ideas. A few bullet journal inspiration, How to start bullet journal for beginners. Perfect Bullet Journal Layouts #bulletjournal #BJ

Not sure what bullet journals are and how to even get started? First, you will need some inspiration. That is why we searched Pinterest as well as connected with a few bloggers to come up with a few bullet journal ideas to inspire you. 

I am personally very excited to try one or two of these bullet journal ideas to set up my online business for success. However, we rounded up amazing bullet journal ideas that can be used by everyone. We have few bullet journal plans to help with the household planning, budgeting, travel and much more.

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Bullet Journaling for Beginners

So what exactly is bullet journaling and why do you need it? Why should you even look at these bullet journal ideas in the first place?

According to many people that use this, a bullet journal is where you organize everything in life into a DIY Planner of some sort. You can have a bullet journal for wedding planning, event planning, budget planning, appointments, food ideas, exercise plan and much more.

It’s almost like a log book or a diary if you will. 

We are hoping by putting a list of bullet journal ideas together, you will be inspired to start your own. Also, keep in mind of the bullet Journal layout ideas before deciding on what look to go with. 

Here are a few bullet journal ideas. A few bullet journal inspiration, How to start bullet journal for beginners. Perfect Bullet Journal Layouts #bulletjournal #BJ

Bullet Journal Guide

After going through our Bullet Journal ideas, you might decide to start one. I am definitely starting one for my blog and I will share with you once complete. If you do decide to start one, they are a few things you might need: 

  • A notebook for bullet Journalling. A popular one I see most people using is the Leautturms1917s one. Another amazing one is the Scribbles that matter.
  • Black Pens for Bullet Journalling. After looking at a lot of bullet journal ideas, they seem to all use these amazing black pens that make everything pop. I ordered the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and the Papermate InkJoy Ballpoint after reading a lot of sources.
  • Color Pens for Bullet Journalling. I kept with the brand and grabbed the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners Color pen sets. 
  • You will also need a ruler and a pencil! 
  • Don’t forget your sticky notes. According to the bullet journal ideas I went through, you need the assorted types. 

Creating bullet journals with scribbles that matter

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  1. I’m a journal addict. I can’t go to the store without buying one. I haven’t done any bullet journaling but I really want to now! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. LOVE this. I have been looking into bullet journals and I think the new year might just be the perfect time to start one. You’ve gathered some great ideas here – thanks!

    Jasmine |

  3. Bullet journals look so fun to help with organization! I want to try one so bad but then I forget about it. Haha. I’m going to save this so I can try some of these!

  4. I have been wanting to start a bullet journal for a while now, these ideas that you rounded up are inspiring! I may need to do some online pen shopping this afternoon, lol.

    1. I know right? I was looking for great bullet journal ideas and decided to do a round-up post of the ones I totally loved. Now time to attempt creating one.

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