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Whether you work in a large corporation, in a conventional capacity, or are part of the increasingly popular remote-working boom of the digital era, ensuring that you’re as productive as possible is always of the utmost importance. Find ways to increase productivity should be a top priority. Simply put, the better able you are to manage your time and your work output, the higher you can expect to fly in your chosen career, and the more prosperity you can expect to enjoy in your life overall.

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Thousands of books have been written about the best ways to maintain and increase productivity in the workplace, some emphasizing the mindset required to stay on top of things, and others focusing on specific task management trick. At the same time, many tools and services have been developed specifically to increase productivity. Some such as Bloom review and automate investment management, other like Rescuetime track how much you’re procrastinating during the day.

But sometimes the key to boosting and increasing productivity isn’t just connected to your mindset or the tools you use. Sometimes it’s about overall lifestyle habits.

Here are some lifestyle habit changes you can make today to boost your productivity at work significantly.

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Quit (or seriously reduce) drinking

People, by and large, tend to enjoy drinking. Across much of the world, business deals are sealed with a round of drinks, and people will head down to the bar with their friends on the weekend to catch up.

A difficult day at the office? A few glasses of wine in front of the TV is bound to sort that out, surely?

Part of the issue with that, however, is that drinking can severely impact productivity and focus at work, either chronically or acutely, depending on how much and how often you drink.

Alcohol, among its many other effects, can contribute to brain fog and feelings or irritation and distraction.

Binge drinking can lead to the kind of hangovers that, for all intents and purposes, can render you useless in the office come Monday.

Quitting, or seriously reducing, your drinking is simply a great way to increase productivity.

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Go for a walk each morning

If you essentially live your whole life indoors, as so many of us do these days, you likely don’t realize how much the lack of regular fresh air and sunshine can affect your mood and ability to focus. This, in turn, will not help in your search to increase productivity. 

When all is said and done, humans have evolved to be outdoors regularly, and our bodies and minds function best when we keep this in mind. Fresh air is definitely the best way to increase productivity. 

Regular sun exposure boosts vitamin D which is essential for the production of essential hormones. Fresh air is healthy across the board. And research has suggested that even the sight of trees can have positive health effects.

Go for a walk each morning, preferably for at least half an hour, to boost your productivity, health, and mood.

As you can see, some sun, fresh air, and walking will boost and increase productivity.

Work on quitting your caffeine consumption to increase productivity

At first, this may seem like completely counterproductive advice. After all, many people live pretty much entirely off caffeine, and can’t even open their eyes in the morning until they’ve had the first double espresso (hint: ME).

What’s more, caffeine is associated with certain health benefits, including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

For all that, though, heavy, long-term caffeine use can seriously dampen productivity. Caffeine over-stimulate the thyroid gland and results in an abundance of stress hormones. It may irritate the gut lining, and it can contribute to insomnia.

These things, among others, mean caffeine can disrupt your focus and make you feel exhausted during the day, relying on ever-higher doses in order to function.

Many people report that when they quit caffeine, their mood and energy levels are vastly improved and increase productivity usually follows.

What steps will you take this week to increase productivity? Tell us in the comments below. 


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