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5 Cheap Travel destinations for female entrepreneurs

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Cheap travel destinations? We are extremely excited about this post. We happy to have the lovely Ivona Harčarová from Ivona Harcar Travels! She gave us amazing on how to save over $500 on each trip! This time we will be focusing on 5 stunning places a female entrepreneur like you can travel for cheap! Who is ready […]

10 Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30.00

We have created the absolutely best list of affordable last minute Christmas gift ideas that everyone on your list will love. If you are looking for budget gift ideas for the holidays, be sure to check out this list. Plan to have a Christmas on a budget for frugal living people. How to properly budget for Christmas and save money. Save money on Christmas gifts with this amazing list. The best Christmas Gift guide for the holidays #savemoney #christmasonabudget #budgetholidays #holidayideas #holidaygifts #christmasdecor #christmasideasRead more

Affordable Christmas Gifts Christmas season is right around the corner guys and believe it or not, most of us are known to shop at the very last minute. Yes, I am talking to you. That is why we came up with 10 awesome last minute Christmas gift ideas under $30.00 that rock.  If your goal is […]

5 Ways Piggy Will Help You Be Chic On A Budget

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We happy to have a great company we adore guest post our blog today. We will be taking a look at how to save money. Shop online with Piggy, as they show you 5 ways they can help you be chic on a budget! We love the sounds of that.  Before we get started, we […]

10 Easy Ways to Save Money Each Month and Still Have Fun

Saving money can be difficult for some people. We have created a list of creative ways to save money each month without sacrificing too much of your life style. Learn how to save $1000 each month. These are easy ways to start saving money so you can become rich live and life a financially stable life. Saving tips to get out of debt fast. These are fast ways to save money today #savemoney #savingmoney #moneytipsRead more

Looking for ways to save money this month? Need an extra $1000 this month? Or maybe you are just trying to save some extra money for the holidays? Regardless, the fact is that you need an extra $1000 and you need it now. We came up with 10 easy ways to save money each month and get […]