Did you spend too much money this month? If you did,you are not alone! You just need to join our no spend money challenge to help you TAKE CONTROL of your money spending habits!

No Spend Money Challenge
"Is a life saver for those that have little money to SPARE!"

Why You Need To Take Control Of Your Money

Spending money every month is inevitable, but spending money YOU DO NOT have is really bad. I have been there!

Dipping into other funds, withdrawing from credit cards and playing around in my account just to balance things through. 

This is not the way to live!

Maybe you have also travelled down that road!


I remember once struggling to find some money just so I could pay for gas for my car, but I also needed to pay for rent and I remember not knowing where I was going to get the money.


The bills started to pile up! And suddenly my phone got disconnected and I felt so embarrassed. My account had literary (-$19) and I knew I had just about hit rock bottom! What was I going to do?


To make matters worse, I had no food in the fridge and then I found out I was 4 months pregnant, no job, no assistant coming through and no way to move on. But I made a plan! It was hard but it worked!


With The No Spend Challenge I was able to dig myself out of the big hole. I cancelled my cell phone, Netflix Subscription and found a job within 2 weeks and worked to build myself back up! I spent ZERO DOLLARS and focused on saving and paying debt!

If you are struggling, this easy no spend challenge can help you save even just the little bit of money you have!

The truth about careless money spending habits people make:


Not properly budgeting to ensure that the money you have can last you for the month or even bi weekly until your next pay comes through!


Is thinking that you can afford something when in reality you can not. Extra expenses such as car payment, subscriptions & Gym can be cancelled!


Taking on more debt to cover your living situation is not a solution and it is a huge mistake! I have done this and it’s so bad in so many ways!


Not addressing your money situation right away is not ideal. It’s a huge mistake to ignore your money issues, leaving it until it gets worse!

INTRODUCING THE no spend challenge workbook

Here is a no spend challenge you can join to help you save money. This is the perfect no spend tracker for those on a budget! Grab the no spend money workbook today! #nospend #nospendchallenge

Save the little money you have with this beautiful collection of over 30 printable planner pages that includes Monthly Journal Entry Sheets, No Spend Month Rules, Money Goals, No Spend Activity Ideas, Stop Spending Things On This List, Zero Spend Days List and so much more!


Imagine having extra money left over each month...

With the no spend money challenge, you will be saving the extra money you already have by taking control of your finances. There’s nothing like having extra money left over each month. This planner will help you focus on the things that are truly important!

What to expect...

The planner proudly carries almost all the essential organizers you need to start your no spend challenge!
This is self-paced, grab the planner, print and work through it. Be honest and save more!
Never worry about your account again as you create new money habits! You can do it!

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Your bank account will never run more smoothly than this!

Save money, take control of your financials and become a better you! The workbook comes with plenty of worksheets to help you with the challenge!