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Nine Ways to Get a Small Business Loan If You Are a Woman

How to get a small business loan for your business a woman entrepreneur! Tips for applying to loans #businessloans #workingfromhomeRead more

Here is How To Get A Small Business Loan Are you in a business and wondering how to get a small business loan to keep it going? The dynamic world of business and startups today has left people wondering “what’s the best small business loan for my entrepreneurial category?” Well, I may not have a […]

3 Lessons We Can Learn From Successful And Ambitious Women In Business

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Women Bosses That Succeeded In recent years, successful women in business are challenging the negative connotation associated with being considered ambitious (it is usually only seen as a positive quality in men). In fact, the last years have seen an increase in amazing and innovative female entrepreneurs, such as Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post founder), […]

3 Female-Friendly Funding Sources for Your Business (You need THIS)

If you’re a woman trying to start a business, you should definitely apply for these three small business grants. Start a business with the right funding. The best way to get funding for your small business. #budinesstips #smallbusiness #fundingtips #businessgrantsRead more

Great news: women around the globe are increasingly starting businesses. When women start businesses they gain economic and social power. These women benefit, and so do their families. Women-run businesses also enhance local communities, which in turn are good for global peace. (Wow!) More women can find business financing than ever before, too. Many funding […]